Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How many times can the applicants cancel their admission and still be eligible for getting admission in other colleges?
    Ans. Up to (n minus 1) the cut-off, where ‘n’ is number of cut-off lists for that subject in that particular college.
  • What is the validity of Caste Certificate (OBC non-creamy layer) for admission in different courses?
    Ans. It should have been made after 31st March 2020 for the admission into the academic year 2020-2021. The student’s name and the father’s name mentioned in caste certificate must be same asmentioned in Class X certificate/ mark sheet.
  • Does Kirori Mal College provides 01% relaxation for women applicants for admission in some courses?
    Ans. No, Kirori Mal College does not provide any relaxation for women applicants for admission in any courses.
  • Is there any Student Union quota or Faculty quota under which an applicant is permittedto get admission in any courses?
    Ans. No, University of Delhi does not provide any Student Union quota or Faculty quota for admission for any applicants. If anybody promises admission to any applicant under these quotas, he/she is making a false promise. However there exists Teaching/Non-teaching Ward Quota that is available only for the children of employees of University of Delhi.
  • Are the marks of internal assessment considered for the calculation of Best four/Best threesubjects for admission?
    Ans. No.Internal assessment marks are not considered for calculation of Best four/Best three subjects for admission.
  • What is pro-rata calculation? When do we apply such a calculation?
    Ans. When the theory and practical marks are not in according with 70:30 ratio there is a requirement of pro-rata calculation which is mentioned in the Brochure of University of Delhi.
  • How is 01% advantage and disadvantage calculated for applicants who seek admission in Language Courses (Hindi/English/Sanskrit Honours courses).
    Ans. The procedure is clearly mentioned in the Brochure of the University of Delhi. These detailed guidelines are strictly followed.
  • How is the 2.5% or 01% deduction applied on calculation of “Best four” subjects for admission?
    Ans. Please see the guidelines mentioned in Brochure of the University of Delhi. Deduction of percentage for stream change may vary from College to College.

NOTE: For further queries please refer to the detailed list of FAQs uploaded on the Delhi University website.