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Disability Studies today is a rapidly emerging interdisciplinary field of academic inquiry, rich with untapped research possibilities. These research possibilities need to be comprehensively explored and adequately conceptualized, if we are to move towards achieving the cherished goal of establishing a truly inclusive society.

With the above in mind, Kirori Mal College, in June 2021, established the Centre for disability Research and Training (CDRT). Perhaps, the first Centre of its kind in a college in India, the prime objective of CDRT is to promote and popularize disability studies within the Indian academia. In the pursuit of the above goal, the Centre has organized a wide range of academic activities, from faculty development programs and certificate courses to international conferences and webinars on disability studies. In the process, the Centre has enabled both students and faculty across the country to interact closely with internationally renowned scholars in the field like Lennard J. Davis, Tom Shakespeare, Nicholas Watson, Dan Goodley, Margrit Shildrick, Stephan Kuusisto, Eva Feder Kittay, Anne Waldschmidt, Fiona Kumari Campbell, Anita Ghazi, Amita Dhanda, Renu Addlakha, Shilpa Das, and Others.

The Centre also aims to broaden the knowledge base of disability studies within the Indian context by encouraging committed research in that area. We actively encourage undergraduate students to engage with disability research under the expert mentorship of renown disability studies scholars. The Centre in fact strives to function as a nodal institutional site to produce, systemize and disseminate academic knowledge about disability. We engage with all aspects of disability experience ranging from the sociology of the phenomenon, its representations in literature and culture, disability politics and policies, disability law and human rights, to accessibility and universal design, inclusion and education, capacity building and skill development, professional training and employment.

In addition to fostering academic interest in disability studies, the Centre also organizes a number of sensitization workshops and community awareness campaigns on disability with the intention of creating an egalitarian society that appreciates the abilities of persons with disabilities, and willingly provides equal opportunities for all.

But above all, its goal is to create an inclusive teaching and learning atmosphere on campus and foster a level-playing field for students with disabilities so that they could realize the fullness of their potential and become significant contributors in India’s growth story.

We strive to profile the students with disabilities in college, identify their specific needs and provide them with customized solutions and support services to maximize their potential. These services include counsellor services, providing them with reasonable accommodation and accessible content, promoting understanding about assistive technology and its myriad possibilities, conducting skill-enhancement and capacity building programs, and offering professional career counselling. The Centre, thus, aims to empower the disabled community through the creation of multiple opportunities and platforms for their sustainable socio-economic, academic and professional upliftment. 


  1. To Promote and Popularise disability studies as a legitimate field of intellectual enquiry within the  Indian academia, particularly among undergraduate and postgraduate students from across the  country.  
  2. To broaden the knowledge base of the discipline through committed research.  3. To use disability studies as a stratagem to foster inclusion. 
  3.  To use disability studies as a stratagem to foster inclusion.
  4. To spread awareness about disability within the campus and beyond and develop a culture of  disability ally ship in society.  
  5. To create a level playing field for students with disability on campus and provide them with a  wholesome inclusive educational experience.  
  6. To assist other colleges and universities to set up similar centres within their institutions.



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