Logo Contest for UNESCO – INDIA – AFRICA(UIA) Hackathon- MoE’s Innovation Cell

MoE’s Innovation Cell and AICTE are organizing The UNESCO – INDIA – AFRICA(UIA) Hackathon.   It provides a suitable platform allowing young innovators to come together and find solutions for social, environmental, and technical problems faced by the collaborating nations. It serves as the foundation for creating potential start-ups with the potential to transform the world. It allows the participating students to unleash their creativity and explore new technologies to solve real-world problems under the guidance of experts – thus, spearheading business innovation in the modern world.

The Hackathon also serves as a symbol of the close relationship cherished by India and its African counterparts and embodies the spirit of collaboration – bringing them together to solve problems for the betterment of humankind.

The logo contest for UNESCO – INDIA – AFRICA(UIA) Hackathon is open to all the citizens of India.

Submit your entries at: https://forms.gle/XzecCCfYLstcZd8g7 on or before 14th October 2022.

The winner will receive a Memento and the Certificate of Appreciation from MoE’s Innovation cell.

Please find the attachment for the guidelines for the LOGO contest.

The last date for submission is 14th October 2022.