The college has decided to offer two more Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) in addition to all the courses which are already there in the list of Skill Enhancement Courses offered by the college.

These two courses are:

Analytics/Computing with Python

Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy

Students can opt for this courses by filling the Google form accessible through the following link:

Students who have already filled the SEC Google form and are now keen to choose the above courses as any of their preferences are allowed to edit their choices. However, the facility to edit the choices/preference order in the Google forms, which has been already submitted, is available only for the Skill Enhancement Courses (SECs) and not for the other courses (GEC, VAC, AEC).  

The students who are keen to change the choices/preference order for the other courses (GEC, VAC, and AEC) should note that they cannot edit their Google form once submitted. However, any error in filling the Google form or any intention to change the choices/preference order of these courses may be requested to the GEC Committee through an e-mail sent to 

The students should write their name, class, college roll number, e-mail id and their (own) phone number in the mail along with the precise request or error that they want to communicate. In case the request is to change the choice/preference order of any of the courses, the students should clearly mention the new preference order (i.e. first preference, second preference, third preference). Please note, that the committee is not obliged to accept the request and the cases will be considered on the basis of the availability of seats in the specific courses and various other logistical parameters.

The last date for submission of all the Google forms (GEC, SEC, VAC & AEC) has been extended to Friday 18 November, 2022. The links for these forms are the following:

GE Courses Link:

VAC Link:

AEC Link:

SEC Link:

Please read the notices carrying important instructions regarding filling these forms available on the college website (dated 13.11.2022).

The students who have not yet received their college roll numbers can write 1234567 in place of their college roll number in the Google forms.

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