The President of India, in his capacity as Visitor of the Central Universities, has reconstituted Visitor’s Awards in three categories, namely:-

                Visitor’s Award for Innovation,

                Visitor’s Award for Research and

                Visitor’s Award for Technology Development

2.         The Visitor’s Award for Research has been further divided into three sub-categories, namely – (i) Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, (ii) Physical Sciences and (iii) Biological Sciences. The purpose, eligibility, criteria, selection method etc. shall be governed by the attached Gazette Notification No. 253 dated 24 October, 2014 and its subsequent amendments. The details of the categories are as follows:-

Sl.No.Title of the AwardDetails
1.Visitor’s Award for InnovationCitation and cash reward will be presented to the winning entry. The total value of the cash reward will be Rupees Two and Half Lakhs. If there are two or more recipients, the cash reward will be shared equally between them, subject to the condition that, each awardee will receive a minimum of Rupees One Lakh.
2(A).Visitor’s Award for Research (Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences)-do-
2(B).Visitor’s Award for Research (Physical Sciences)-do-
2(C).Visitor’s Award for Research (Biological Sciences)-do-
3.Visitor’s Award for Technology Development-do-

3.         Online applications for the Seventh Visitor’s Awards, 2021 in the above mentioned three categories are invited from the faculty members and students of the Central Universities. Any eligible person can apply directly without the approval or being forwarded by the University authorities. Eligible persons are those faculty member or enrolled student of a central university, where the President of India is the Visitor.

4.         The application forms have been uploaded in the website. The applicants can register themselves and upload their entries directly on the website or can visit the website of President of India, i.e., A link “Nomination for Visitor’s Awards” will direct the applicants to the desired webpage on clicking.

5.         Applicants may please go through the FAQs and Important Instructions before filling up the application forms. After registration, the applicant may choose the desired category for which they wish their entries to be considered. An applicant can submit multiple applications in same or different categories/sub categories.

6.         Once the entry is shortlisted by the Selection Committee for the Visitor’s Awards, it will be sent to the Vice Chancellor of that Central University to verify the particulars of the application.

7.         The Vice Chancellor is requested to make widespread publicity of the event so that maximum number of students and faculty members can submit their nominations.

8.         The last date for filling the online application is 31st Nov, 2021.

9.         The awards will be presented by the President of India at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

10.       In case of any queries regarding Visitor’s Awards and application process please contact on Tel. No. 23017864/e-mail to: and for website related technical difficulties contact 01123015321 Extn. 4630/e-mail