The ‘Kirori Mal College Alumni Network’ has been recently established under the guidance of Prof. Vibha Singh Chauhan, the Principal, Kirori Mal College (KMC), University of Delhi, Delhi Prof. Seema Joshi, Professor of Economics, Department of Commerce, KMC has been appointed as the ‘Staff Coordinator of the ‘Kirori Mal College Alumni Network’.

The alumni of Kirori Mal College have done exceedingly well in a variety of professions that include academia, bureaucracy, technocracy, judicial services, journalism, politics, corporate management, finance, sports, cinema, theatre, music and the arts. The college hopes to build a strong alumni base and cultivate a strong and positive relationship with our alumni who can benefit their alma mater socially, academically and professionally with their immense knowledge and varied and unique skill sets.

The Kirori Mal College Alumni Network is in the process of consolidating and updating its records. We request you to kindly fill in your details in the Alumni Registration Form at the earliest.